This is How I Miss You

This is the fourth day I spent being away to my beloved partner, Kiev. I am not used to it, and it is very difficult for me to adjust on this kind of setup that we have. I’m having a hard time to cope up. I know you may say that I am overreacting on this or whatsoever, but this is how I feel.


People have their own problems to deal with, and this issue is nothing compare to others. Actually, being away to him makes me vulnerable to in dealing with my issues that concerns my family and other stuff. But when I’m with him, just by looking at him whenever he is not aware makes me feel stronger. Just by hearing his voice, makes me sleep soundly. Knowing that he is always there by my side, I feel I can face anything. With our little fights, it makes me realize how much I really want to help him to become a better person.


He is not a perfect partner, neither do I. We have our own flaws and issues that we are working out on the course of our relationship. We make mistakes, doubts, complaints, and lies. But we make sure we clarify all these things at the end of the day.


But now, he’s far away from me. I don’t know how I am going to start and even end my day. I am used to seeing him while he’s asleep and cuddling him before sleeping.


I miss him so bad. I can’t prevent myself from crying all night and even while making this entry. I love you, Kiev. I miss you so much.

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Childish Side of Mine

Hi everyone…How are you doing? I hope everything is well. Today, I have nothing special to write. I just want to share something about myself which I’ve heard that it is common to other people. Some people say that there is always a part of our personality where all our childish wishes and practices lies. And i think this is applicable to me.

For sure some of you will say that I am still young at the age of 22, but you will be surprised how matured my mind works. However, there are instances that the child in me lingers. Here are some of the behaviors that can also be seen to children.
First, whenever I boredom strikes me, I’ll start making fun to other people just like what a little tyke usually do. I play jokes and even tickle them. I won’t stop till I feel satisfied or tired.
Then, whenever I see sweets like candies, chocolates, ice cream, and cotton candies, I will definitely buy some for me without any hesitation. Just like any other kids, I have sweet tooth.
And just like any other kids, I would love to have someone to hug me tight when I am about to go to sleep until I start snoring. (LOL)
These things are non-sense for some people but there’s no harm if you recognize some of your behaviors, right?
How about you, don you have anything that you can consider childish in a nice way? Share it…
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What do you do when you fail to meet EXPECTATION?

What do you usually do when you fail to meet your or someone’s expectation? Do you often cry, scream, remain silent, or brag about your failures?


Me, whenever I experience disappointment and failure, I tend keep silent about it. i don’t know but this seems to become part of my personality. Others usually shout and spread to other people about what happened. Sometimes, they tend to look for someone who will accompany them whenever they feel sad. While there are some who preferred to drink alcoholic beverages, smoke and use drugs. These things are the most common things that most people do whenever they feel disappointment after expecting too much from certain things or people.


You, what do you do when you fail to meet EXPECTATIONS, regardless if it’s yours or others? I would love to hear you comments about this.





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